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Service Program Personnel

posted Jun 4, 2010, 12:41 PM by Isaac Salazar   [ updated Jun 4, 2010, 1:28 PM ]
Brother Knights,
In addition to the officer positions we have for the council, the Grand Knight should appoint Knights to fill the service program positions. Having a Director for the various service programs greatly helps the Grand Knight plan and execute our council activities.  It's also an opportunity for a brother Knight to be involved in something he is passionate about.  Below is a list of the positions we need assigned before the end of June. Contact the Grand Knight if you are interested in any of the positions. A pdf file with many Service Program Ideas are linked in the officer page.

Program Director            UNASSIGNED              
Church Director              UNASSIGNED        
Vocations Chairman        UNASSIGNED        
Community Director        UNASSIGNED        
Pro Life Couple               UNASSIGNED        
Health Service               UNASSIGNED        
Council Director              UNASSIGNED        
Public Relations              UNASSIGNED        
Family Director              UNASSIGNED        
Youth Director                UNASSIGNED         
Membership Director       UNASSIGNED        
Recruitment Committee 1 UNASSIGNED        
Recruitment Committee 2 UNASSIGNED        
Recruitment Committee 3 UNASSIGNED        
Retention Chairman         UNASSIGNED        
Insurance Promotion        UNASSIGNED