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All You Need to Succeed

All You Need to Succeed - The Surge Kit

Near the start of the fraternal year (July 1) all financial secretaries of record will receive a "Surge...with Service" program kit. Each kit includes all a council needs to succeed at programming and recruitment. Upon receipt of this kit, the financial secretary should immediately deliver it to the grand knight. If your council did not receive a Surge kit by July 15, please contact 203-752-4473. 

The following is a list of items included in the kit. The materials in the Surge kit should be reviewed immediately by council officials so the Service Program and membership recruitment can be quickly implemented.

In order to conserve paper and make this process a little more environmentally friendly,  the Surge Kits now only contain one copy of each item. Share these items among your council officers, directors and chairmen and visit this page at to review the pdf files of each item included in the kit.


Surge...with Service program manual (#962) contains information and suggestions that council officers and directors need to effectively perform their individual roles in the Service Program and membership recruitment.

The Grand Knight's Handbook (#915) includes information and suggestions to help the grand knight carry out his duties. It also has reference sections on membership transactions and other areas.

The How to Conduct a Meeting booklet (#483) includes guidelines for the grand knight on conducting meetings in a professional and efficient style.

The Supply Catalog (#1264) features a format specifically designed to help you quickly locate materials. Materials can be ordered from the catalog by using a Requisition Form (#1).

The Promotional and Gift Catalog (1427) contains a listing of publicity materials (balloons, cups, etc.) as well as gift items available to councils and Knights.

The Council Report Forms Booklet (#1436) contains the reporting forms and 

order that a council needs to run smoothly. It also includes two checklists in the front, listing when these forms are due.

The K of C Audiovisuals flyer (#1539) includes a listing of the recruitment/promotional DVD and VHS videocassette productions available from the Supreme Council Department of Fraternal Services on a free-to-keep basis. Order forms for these videos are also included.

The Knights of Columbus Protocol Booklet (#1612) contains guidelines on proper conduct and procedures for a variety of situations including council meetings, the relationship of the district deputy to the grand knight and a state deputy visit.

The Family of the Month booklet (#1993) contains guidelines on participating in the Knights of Columbus "Family of the Month" and "Family of the Year" programs.


The Official Knights of Columbus Emblem and Council Jewels booklet (#1910) contains color photographs and descriptions of their symbolism of the various council jewels and the Order's and Fourth Degree emblems.

The Planning Calendar (#1911) covers 14 months from July to August. This calendar includes descriptions and photos of outstanding service programs and listings for Orderwide events, holidays and deadlines for submitting forms.

The "Order of Business" Card (#1937) contains guides for conducting a council meeting, suggests for holding an officers' meeting and a review of the responsibilities of the grand knight.

The Knights of Columbus Round Table Program booklet (#2632) contains details and guidelines for the Round Table program.

The Knights of Columbus Certificates flyer (#2640) lists information, including prices, on all certificates currently offered by the Supreme Council office.

The Chaplain's Handbook (#945) covers the relationship of the chaplain to the council, information on the Order and a brief history of the Order's founder, Father Michael J. McGivney.

The Vocations Handbook (#1942) includes information on the Order's various vocations initiatives (including the Refund Support Vocations Program ), available student loans and scholarship for seminarians, suggested activities and a reading list of materials.

The Getting Your Message Across –Knights of Columbus Councils Public Relations and Publicity Guide (#2235) explains how to effectively work with news editors and directors in getting your council's newsworthy events published and broadcast.

Use the Meeting Notice poster (#893) to notify your members of the time and date of the next council meeting.

All the information needed to conduct the Knights of Columbus Substance Abuse Awareness Poster Contest is included in the Substance Abuse Awareness Poster Contest Guide (#4112).

All the information a council needs to know on how to submit an article and/or

photo for the “Knights in Action” section of Columbia is included in the “Your Story in Columbia” flyer (#4344).

The Parish Round Table Initiative flyer (#4519) features information on how to set up a Round Table at individual parishes covered by one council.

The Soccer Challenge Guide (#4576) features instructions on how a council can 

participate in the Order Knights of Columbus Soccer Challenge.

Information on the rules set for youth leaders and programs to ensure the safety young people participating in the Orders programs, as well as applications for youth leaders, are all included in the Youth Protection Program booklet (#4670).

The Financial Secretary Quick Facts flyer (#4720) provides a brief list of the financial secretary’s duties and responsibilities.

The CIS program offers a variety of faith-based educational materials that can be used in councils, parishes and faith formation programs. Use the link to access more information on the CIS program.

The FAQ About the Columbian Squires flyer (#480) includes answers to some commonly asked questions about that program.

The Financial Aid booklet (#951) provides information on the various scholarships available through the Order.


The Free Throw Guide (#1928) includes all of the information necessary for a council to participate in the Knights of Columbus Free Throw Championship.

The “How to …” booklet (#2769) features step-by-step instructions on strategies for recruiting new members into the Order.

Consult the Recruitment Rewards Points flyer (#2931) for a complete listing of the items available to recruiters and the cost in “points” associated with each one.

The Father Michael J. McGivney Guild serves as a source for information about the life, works and spirituality of Father McGivney. Use the link to access more information on how to join the guild today.

The “Promoting the Insurance Program” flyer (#4532) offers information on how to encourage your members to take advantage of the Order’s top-rated insurance products.

The Star Council flyer (#4069) supplies the complete guidelines for a council to qualify for the prestigious Star Council Award.